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Living With Models

Last Friday we wrapped Living With Models, a mock-reality show about Lauren, an aspiring actress in Los Angeles, who wins a reality show about her life. The producers quickly realize that Lauren’s life is too boring for TV, so to spice it up, they kick out her roommates and replace them with a couple of crazy models, Cliff and Sammi, or “Clammi”.

Hilarity ensues.

It was one of the funniest sets I have ever been on…the cast and crew were wonderful…and you can’t really go wrong when you’re shooting at a mansion on the beach :)


Last November I spent a week in the Los Angeles Forest shooting Firelight,

an AFI thesis film for a wonderful new director, Simon Brown.

I got to hit a guy in the face with a giant stick.

And spend quite a bit of time submerged in freezing water at 4am

I loved every second of it.

Check out the trailer