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Living With Models Teaser

Check out the first teaser from the web series Living With Models! Full series launching in January!

Beauty Inspiration

This week I was shooting for a Canadian catalogue and the makeup artist, Sunnie Brook, had this amazing beauty blog that I just loved.  I don’t usually spend that much time looking at hair and makeup ideas but I loved her “inspiration” sections of the blog…I was inspired by her ability to be inspired by everything around her.

Sunnie, myself, and Shannon Greer, our fabulous photographer, in beautiful La Jolla, CA

New acting reel

Edited by the wonderful Matteo Molinari

Virtually Heroes

I got to shoot a really really silly, really really fun movie produced by Roger Corman and directed by G.J. Echternkamp

Staring Robert Baker, Brent Chase, Ben Messmer, and of course, Mark Hamil.

I get kidnapped a lot

By this guy…

and these guys attempt to rescue me

but they fail….over and over…because, you see, we are in a video game, and everytime they get to me…
they have to beat another level.
check it out at:
Just look at these costumes…
They’re awesome.
As is this.