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Virtually Heroes Premier!

Sundance happened.

And it was awesome.

Such a cool, surreal, overwhelming experience.  My first movie premier at the historic Egyptian theatre opening night of the Sundance Film Festival 2013.

On the walk down to the premier from our cabin, I was looking at the beautiful night sky full of stars, and remarking to my husband about how happy and excited I was about this night…and I fell.

Not a little fall; a giant, legs flying into the air in all directions, landing flat on my back in the snow and ice kind of fall.

Well played, universe.

Stay grounded.  Message received.

Here’s the theatre

And the super fun cast lookin’ super awkward on the red carpet

Here we are standing around awkwardly again for one of the Q&A’s

And here’s my husband…cause he’s cute.


It’s a strange day when you walk through the mall and see a giant poster of your butt.

(it’s the middle one)

My face was inside the store…but not nearly as big

Lucy yoga clothes, such comfy awesome stuff…and such a fun shoot, taking a bar method class with lovely ladies!

Living With Models Season 2…in a castle

Season 2 premiers soon!  For some crazy reason, we got to shoot in this place for two weeks…

Added some awesome new cast members

We are SUPER excited about it!!

Here’s the trailer ….Living With Models….Season 2….Woo!

and here’s a quick teaser with Sammi and new cast member, Javalene

Indigenous Designs

Gearing up for the winter cold of Park City, Utah for Sundance…wishing I had some Indigenous Designs Jackets and Sweaters to get me through it!

Isn’t this coat adorable?!

That’s a wrap, from Detroit

Just Wrapped a really fun movie in Detroit called Needlestick.

It was such an honor to get to work with such talented actors like Lance Henriksen and Michael Traynor

I spent a lot of time looking like a crazed spider monkey

and a little bit of time trying to look graceful

It was a blast.

Also, Detroit has really good waffles.