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Red Carpets

Are AWKWARD. So my friend Lauren (of Living With Models fame) and I have a game/competition to see who can make it THE MOST awkward.  Here are some highlights from the last few years

This is “Awkward prom”

This is….I have no idea…but it is awkward

My personal favorite “Don’t touch my boot”

and of course, “I’m tired”

Sometime’s my husband gets in on the action with his best blue steel

I think this one was “Panther about to attack a baby bird”

And when no one’s around I find a chair, and contemplate the meaning of red carpets.  Or in this case, weird brownish tan ones.

Roger Corman

Is awesome.  He cast me in my first two movies, and I will be forever grateful.  He’s one of those rare producers who will take a chance on completely unknown actors, and is honestly one of the nicest people in LA.

He is also really confused by the ridiculousness that is our cast/crew of Virtually Heroes…we just can’t seem to take a normal press photo.

Entertainment Weekly shoot

My favorite part of Sundance was a cast photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly.  I love that they let us be ourselves.  And yes, I’m shooting my director with a tiny, tiny gun.