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Living With Models Episode 5

And check out this great article about webseries!  Living With Models makes the cut! :)


Kristin Anderson Photography

A few years ago I shot with this wonderful photographer for her friend’s gorgeous jewelry line.  Kristin is such an amazing artist and working with her was lovely and relaxing (and the location wasnt bad either :)

Check out her blog and our shoot at

LWM Season 2 Episode 4

Survivor Drama

Sports Authority

I lie for a living.

Especially when I show up to set and there’s a mountain bike waiting for me.

I really need to learn how to ride a bike….I can go in a straight line on flat ground…but hills?  rocks?  cliffs?

I almost took out the photographer.  At least we faked it for 5 seconds to get the shot! :)


LWM Season 2 Episode 3!

Runway drama….and a surprise…