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As it starts to get warmer (which in LA just means its 70 instead of 60 everyday…) I want to spend all of my free time at the beach, but don’t want to damage my skin!  Solution?  Mott50 clothing; simple, classic clothing thats really soft and comfortable with sunblocking power!

Check out their website at

Here’s my favorite dress…

Shooting in Santa Barbara is never a bad thing…even at sunrise…

Yoga beach morning

Barbie Car

That’s a Wrap!  (with ice cream…always with ice cream)

Living With Models Season 2 Episode 2

Jungle photo shoot DRAMA…rawr…

Head and Shoulders

Happy to be a part of Head and Shoulder’s “Season of the Whiff” partnership with Major League baseball and Old Spice, helping to bring baseball and softball to kids in urban and underserved communities.

Check it out and watch our behind the scenes video at

We shot at a AAA field in California, which was surreal since my husband played in the minor leagues for 8 years…I kept standing on the pitcher’s mound thinking…”I’m not supposed to be out here…”

Here’s the finished spot!

Living With Models Season 2!

Models.  Castle.  Drama.  Season 2, Episode 1.