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Xtreme Fitness Commercial

Got to shoot a commercial with my husband…he’s not an actor, but can run super fast and looks good in tight running clothes. :)


Sometimes you need a fancy laptop cover.  That’s what you should learn from these photos.

Seriously though…I drop electronics a lot.  So covers are key.

Living With Models Season 2 Finale!

Thanks for watching!!


At the dentist.

Open a magazine.

There I am with my mansion.

This place had a polo field as a front yard.

ok…fine…SOMETIMES it’s glamorous.

(it’s not actually MY mansion…I feel like I have to make that clear.

…however…if someone would like to give me said mansion…

I’ll take it.  I don’t want to be rude.)

Living With Models Season 2 Episode 11

Sad Drama. :(