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As I get older, I feel very grateful to get to work for more and more companies that promote health and fitness (even though as we know, my “fitness” level is questionable)

Especially yoga companies, I love yoga.  It’s very LA of me, I tried to fight it, but I failed.

And when you shoot for Lucy, you basically get a guided yoga class all day, it’s hard to think of that as work.

No post about fitness would be complete without chocolate.  Down the street from this studio in San Francisco is a little chocolate shop

If ever in San Fran, go to there.  It’s yum.  Also, they get the beans from all over the world, and the only other ingredient is sugar, so the flavor of each chocolate bar reflects each country.  Also, it’s yum.  Oh and my brother-in-law works there.  And. Yum.





I recently fell in love with Shakespeare.

I know…I know, I’m a little late to the game.

I had loved reading it in school, and had seen a few great productions growing up, but it wasn’t until this past year that I started to get the itch to DO some Shakespeare.

So, this summer, I spent a month at LAMDA, or The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, if you’re feeling fancy.

London was wonderful, and aside from seeing as many shows as possible, my favorite part was listening to my classmates.  It was a very international program, and in my class alone there were students from Iceland, France, Austria, England, Wales, Australia, the US, and Argentina.

Shakespeare is incredible enough already, adding all these different accents to it makes it sound like a symphony.

There’s a speech from Romeo and Juliet that I will now forever hear in a French accent.  And I love it.

P.S. If you’re interested in studying Shakespeare…or acting in general, in LA…look no further than John Walcutt.

He’s phenomenal.

Network Pilot

Hands down the most exciting moment in my career was booking a series regular in a pilot for ABC last year.  That’s the dream.  It can change your life.

Unfortunately our hysterical little show did not get picked up, but it was such an inspiring, magical set to be on, with the absurdly talented Madeleine Sami at the forefront.

She’s basically the Tracey Ullman of New Zealand.

I learned more from watching her work than almost any class I’ve ever taken.

Check her out in the NZ show that our show was based on:

With Madeleine and Taika Waititi, our director…and while you’re at it check out one of the other shows he’s directed.

Flight of the Concords, or The Inbetweeners

He’s a badass.

TJ Maxx/Marshalls

In June I shot a commercial for TJ Maxx and Marshalls and I’m pretty sure the stylists thought I was crazy.

I arrived for the fitting, took one look at the list of girls booked on the commercial (there were 10 of us)

and starting jumping up and down yelling “no way!!!! no freaking way!!!  AAAHHHHHG*&FJLSUAKPT!!” (and other nonsense)

About 10 years ago I sort of fell sideways into modeling, never really loving it but hooked by the traveling and spontaneity,  and commercials were always what came the most naturally, a chance to use a tiny smidge of that “acting” thing I’d loved my whole life.

There were a group of girls that befriended me when I first moved to LA at 19, and 10 years later, we all got to shoot this silly commercial together, which might not seem like a big deal, but for me it was a very moving moment.

I never thought I would get to do what I love for a living, and to get to do it along such beautiful women, inside and out, is an honor.