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As I get older, I feel very grateful to get to work for more and more companies that promote health and fitness (even though as we know, my “fitness” level is questionable)

Especially yoga companies, I love yoga.  It’s very LA of me, I tried to fight it, but I failed.

And when you shoot for Lucy, you basically get a guided yoga class all day, it’s hard to think of that as work.

No post about fitness would be complete without chocolate.  Down the street from this studio in San Francisco is a little chocolate shop

If ever in San Fran, go to there.  It’s yum.  Also, they get the beans from all over the world, and the only other ingredient is sugar, so the flavor of each chocolate bar reflects each country.  Also, it’s yum.  Oh and my brother-in-law works there.  And. Yum.




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