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TJ Maxx commercial

I gotta have that bag.  I feel very strongly about it.



Had a wonderful time shooting NBC’s Ironside with the wonderful Blair Underwood this week.  Unfortunately the show was just cancelled so the world will never see me be a slightly slutty (ok, totally slutty) massage therapist.  Seriously though, everyone I worked with is incredibly talented, not to mention nice, genuine people…it’s a real shame.

Jordan James Smith Photography

I realized a few years ago that my favorite pictures are almost always shot with friends.

Before I left for the summer, Jordan James Smith (he plays Michal in this show called, Living With Models, maybe you’ve seen it? …just say yes.) and I hiked into the woods near my house and shot some pictures.

They turned out pretty great, my agency thought so too :)

Also, pay attention to this Jordan guy

….he’s going places.  Also, Lauren Reeder.

They are the ultimate power couple.

Living With Models GAG reels

Just because they make me really, really happy :)