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March for Elephants

Along with 15 other cities all over the world, Los Angeles stood up for Elephant rights and protested poaching and the Ivory trade.

It was so moving to stand with friends and strangers for these majestic, sensitive, empathetic creatures.

My friend Kerry, who insprired us to join the fight, was there because she transcribed a documentary about poaching for Animal Planet, and watched the rescue of a baby elephant named Rukinga.  Kerry sponsored Rukinga through the David Sheldrick wildlife trust, an incredible organization in Kenya that rescues elephants all over Africa. Devastatingly, Rukinga died without it’s mother despite the efforts of the rescue team which is all too common when babies are taken away from their mothers too young.

About halfway through the march, she was approached by a group of women who had seen her sign, and they identified themselves at the documentary crew that filmed the rescue of that same baby elephant.  This shot is of them showing Kerry photos of the rescue

It was so amazing to meet these real life heroes and even more inspiring for all of us.

My husband and I now sponsor a baby named Kamok :)

check out the organization at

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