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Earth Angels

If you want to see perfect human beauty, look no further than Briana Hicks Pedicone, the girl is stunning inside and out!

Here’s a still from our first commercial together in 2003, for Haagen Dazs

Recently she told me about Earth Angels, an organization geared towards connecting people with volunteer opportunities in the LA area.  Our industry is quite hard to plan around, since we usually only know about bookings a day or two in advance and auditions and castings pop up last minute all the time.  This makes it really hard to commit to most volunteer organizations, and Earth Angels is a fantastic resource, organizing events and sending weekly emails of what’s going on each week, that you can sign up for the night before or even drop by the day of.

Check them out at

The week before Christmas, we shopped for and wrapped gifts for families at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital

And played with and read books to the adorable kids at St. Anne’s.

It was wonderful.  I’m so excited to continue working with them.  Thanks, Bri!

Happy Holidays :)

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