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On set with Sharktopus

“Sharktopus is stuck in customs”

Those were the first words I heard upon arrival to our location this summer.

He didn’t show up for 2 weeks.  Diva.

This cinematic masterpiece will be out this spring on Sci-fy.  Because of it, my family will be able to make fun of me FOREVER.

You’re welcome.

Here are some favorite moments on set

running to the rescue!  My limbs are too long and uncoordinated to rescue anything.

getting kidnapped. again. dammit.  why am I so lame?

With Daniel (best PA ever), Ribb (partner in crime/saving the world), and Hernan (Hands down the most badass DP I’ve ever seen)

Here’s Hernan submerged with a go-pro getting action shots while almost getting taken out by a jet ski

Robert Carradine and I giving you our best Blue Steel

29th birthday cake after our last shot!

and that’s a wrap!


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