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This poster for Lucy is a much more “normal” example of my print jobs…pure dorkiness :)


It is very rare for me to get to shoot anything “high fashion”.  I primarily do lifestyle, fitness, and catalogue print jobs, so when I was asked to shoot for a new clothing line called Kyo, I was really surprised and excited.  The line launches in August so keep your eyes open for it.  Neha’s designs are effortlessly graceful and timeless, with gorgeous shapes and attention to detail.  She’s also the sweetest, most encouraging designer…working with her and Jeremy Lusk, one of my favorite photographers, was a joy.

And check out the fabulous actress Ashley Dyke in 12 Years A Slave…she’s a beauty, inside and out!

The Restoration

Wrapped a beautiful film about restoration artists a few weeks ago that I can’t wait to see.  The director, Diana Chao, had a gorgeous vision and the DP and crew executed it so perfectly.  Those are two of my favorite things to watch on set; a DP and director figuring out their shot and the Art Department creating the world around us.

and check out my co-star John-Scott Horton, wonderful actor and a great guy to work with!


Superbowl commercial 2014

Starting 2014 off right with a Superbowl commercial for Audi

I’ve never gotten to ride with a stunt driver before.

It’s terrifying.


We were being filmed by this

Which takes 4 people to man…one driving, one controlling the crane arm, one controlling the camera itself, and one pulling focus. Talk about coordination.

The stunt driver is ridiculously talented as well.

I, meanwhile, spent all my time trying to make my face look not terrified.