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It’s a regular Tuesday, in my pjs in a sound booth in Burbank

Making silly voices and screaming at the top of my lungs.

Just recorded a few episodes for the Tvoovies, a cartoon mashup of hit TV shows and Movies that is completely ridiculous.

I love it.

I’ll be in Season 2, for now…check out Season 1 at

Brought to you by the hysterical Jeff Newman, director of the acclaimed Living With Models series 😉

Firelight Itunes

Firelight is now available on ITunes!!

“In a post-apocalyptic wilderness where monsters rule the night, a teenage girl stops at nothing to find her lost brother.”

Winner of Best Sci-Fi mini-short at Shockerfest.
Best horror short nomination at Shriekfest.
Best visual effects nomination at Dark Carnival Film Festival
Official selection at LA Shorts Fest.
Blue Ribbon finalist for the student Emmy’s (drama category).
Awarded a Panavision New Filmmakers grant.



Doberhuahua. Superbowl 2014.

In case you were wondering what a Doberhuahua stand in looks like.

It’s this.

And this is Scout.  She’s way more professional than me or my cute on set hubby, Carter MacIntyre