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Milk & Bookies

Yesterday was by far the most adorable event I’ve been to in a long time.

I love crafts, books, and working with kids…

…what’s that?  Craft with kids using recycled books??!!!??

yes please.

Milk & Bookies helps kids donate their favorite books to less fortunate kids.

It’s just the cutest.

My dreamhouse made entirely of books

Keepin’ it classy with the ladies of Earth Angels Org.

Thanks to Little June Bugs for the fun, inventive crafts!




So incredibly excited to be a part of a new original series for Sony Crackle called Sequestered.
This week included a lot of firsts for me:

First time having my own full size trailer (I’m ecstatic)

First time as a lawyer (I’m a badass)

First EPK interview (I’m awkward)

First time being handed these as a “costume”.  (I’m…..uncomfortable.)


Tvoovies: Arrested Hunger

That was my attempt at combining The Hunger Games and Arrested Development.

Tvoovies does it better.

Check out Season 2 Episodes 1 &2…I’m Effie/Lindsey, and Ann 😉



Castle shoot

Spent a glorious afternoon with one of my fav photogs, Jeremy Lusk, at our friend’s castle.


I still don’t believe it’s real.

anywho…here are some behind the scenes shots.

This door was a lot heavier than I was expecting

Sunset at a castle=dreamland

My dog can jump way high.