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Quarter Life

Spent a few glorious days on set this week with this fabulous cast for Quarter Life

a epic allday-nighter kind of movie…laughs, tears, drunken debauchery…you get the idea.

This is Rugby.  Honorary cast member.

Sequestered Says My Name

Official press releases for Sequestered have begun!

This one is my favorite.

Because my name is in it.

(I think it was an accident)

‘The network also announced Sequestered, a thriller about a jury sequestered in a hotel starring

Jesse Bradford, Summer Glau, Patrick Warburton, Bruce Davison and Katie Savoy.

Created by Aaron Tracy and produced by Lifeboat Productions, the 12-episode series debuts in August.”

(I made it bold just in case you missed it)


Crush the Skull

I get to shoot a movie with my friends this summer!!!

Viet Nguyen directing—Starring Chris Dihn,

Chris Riedell, Lauren Reeder, Tim Chiou, Justin Ray, & Jess Bailey

Horror.  Comedy.

Scary.  Silly.

Creepy. Ridiculous.

Thank you SO SO SO much to everyone who donated…it means the world to us…

Check out our kickstarter for more info on the filmmakers and to see us take our shirts off for no reason.

Dunkin Donuts

Shot a commercial for Dunkin Donuts this week.

I was nervous, because, “technically” I hate coffee,

but “technically” you can’t say that to a potential client,

So I showed up fully prepared to drink coffee and LOVE it.

Then they handed me a Oreo Coolata.

It blew my mind.

(They aren’t paying me to write this.)


Liquid Oreo.

I’m still thinking about it…

Keep an eye out for the spot, airing this summer!

New Headshots with PhotoPatton

What began as an editing session (for the super secret project Farris and I are producing)

ended as an impromptu headshot session with her uber talented husband, Jimmy Patton!

Check out their work at

They’re both wonderful humans and it’s an easy and affordable shoot with great results!

Seriously, give them your money.

I call this “lawyer with a dirty secret” which, coincidentally, is exactly who I play on Sequestered. 😉