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Sequestered Trailer


But Be Natural

Wrapped our first episode of the slightly less secret but still secret-ish show I’m producing

with Farris Patton

and Camille Chen

I know…they’re ridiculously hot…

also, ridiculously funny, talented, and sweet.

also, we host this secret show.

and hire these sexy ladies

and these sexy-ish menfolk

and are directed by this tall gentleman

Stay tuned.

Marshalls On Set

5 year old inner me is so happy.

3 days of making funny faces and falling down.

THANK YOU Marshalls for letting me be silly,

I can’t wait to see the new commercial!

See?  Everyone else makes a cute face…I look like that.

Sequestered Poster


I might actually explode from excitement.

I can’t wait to watch this.

Such a fantastic cast and crew ♥



Sharktotrailer & Poster & Stuff

It’s happening.

You will be moved to tears by the drama that is my awkward, half King Kong-esque
half disturbingly Oedipal relationship with a sweet, loving half shark half Octopus…
You should probably tune into Scyfy
Saturday August 2nd- 9pm
Lorena Christmas.
Seriously though…this poster…too good…inspired by true events…