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Crush the Skull Wrap

A belated wrap shot from the best 3 weeks.

I love these people so much.

Thank you, Viet and Chris, for this gift.

I hope we make people laugh, cry, and scream.

Fingers crossed.

Kyo Spring/Summer 2015

Some of my favorite looks from Kyo’s Spring/Summer 2015 line

Sequestered Premiere

A fabulous night for the premiere of Sequestered on Sony Crackle!

In Design by Kyo!

And a surreal day at Sony, wandering by a giant poster of my face.

made even better by delicious fro-yo and ridiculous green sunglasses.


So. Fun.

Crush the Skull Week 2

Seriously cool locations on this shoot,

from a dark and creepy dungeon to beautiful homes in the hills..

(I can’t actually show you these places until the film is done)

I can show you my gorgeous cast members on a mountain.

and in a tunnel…

and on a cop car.