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Young Storytellers

Spent a morning this week with the incredible organization

Young Storytellers  

They pair volunteer mentors with 5th graders to write a short play,
and have actors come and perform these at their “Big Show”!

I mentored a few years ago, and was thrilled to be asked to come perform

I was a rock climber, a parrot who poops on people, a crazed cheering soccer mom,

and a guard.  Like, a big scary bodyguard type guard.  I was very believable.

Sequestered 2.0

I guess it’s really 1.0 and the first 6 episodes were .5…. never mind.

At any rate, episodes 6-12 are up and streaming on Crackle!


and check out some of these awesome reviews.

and for fun, here’s a shot of “Nora” from the cast photoshoot




Rose Window

Check out this short from the stupidly talented BrothersReidell

some Crush the Skull folks snuck into it

Me N Z

Had a fantastic time today shooting with the wonderful and talented
Elimu Nelson
for his movie, Me N Z.  I’m Z.

I may, or may not, have worn this