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Pteracuda attack

Just because.

Model flashbacks

Some firsts…

First runway show ever, for Armani.

Completely terrifying.

I had walked in heels maybe twice before this

I almost fell down 1,265 times.

Fun Fact: I got the job because my boobs fit the jacket.

First magazine editorial for Anna Magazine

Shot at Lake Como when I was living in Milan

(pronounced…Milaaaaaaan ala Will Ferrel)

So beautiful.

Did not meet George Clooney.  Dammit.

Fun Fact: El borso Cubo, or “The Cubed Bag”

came as a free gift with purchase of the magazine.

First print job for Sketchers.

This is at the mall near where I went to college.

I’m a dork.

Fun Fact: Shot this on my 19th birthday

Those shoes are 2 sizes two small

I waddled like a duck when I tried to walk.

Joshua Tree

Spent the Weekend with some of the wonderful crew of Crush the Skull

A photo posted by ksavoy711 (@ksavoy711) on

camping in Joshua Tree


The caliber of talent with these people is ridiculous.  And I’m obsessed with all of them.

Tim Chiou

Rebecca Abraham

Victoria Park

Chris Dinh



Check out the new website for Quarterlife!

I look like this on it.

sooooooo, completely insane.

Here’s a silly sizzle reel…we learned that song in the process of shooting.

Quarter/Life – Sizzle Reel from Red Cube Pictures on Vimeo.

and then it was stuck in my head for 3 days.