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China flashback

Had a mini cast reunion last week with the cast of the movie I shot in China.

(which has gone through so many title changes I have no idea what it’s called now…)

Made me nostalgic for these people…

Kerem Bursin

Catherine Siggins

and this incredible location



Me N Z pickups

Shot pickups for Me N Z with a new costar

Cj.  My dog.  She’s gonna be a star.

Meanwhile, here’s Elimu and I on set

Total Wireless shoot


I shot a commercial today where I got to pretend I was in a live action Mario Kart.


Aaaaaand I got to shoot with this guy.

Tim Chiou

My Deja Vu Poster


My Deja Vu has been having a great little festival run!

Check out the director, Ryo Rex at

Such a nice guy who I’ve known since one of my first short films ever!

Here we are at the premiere this summer with our Producer, Jackie, and co-star

Lisa Roumain

A beautiful actress and stunningly emotional in this.