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Some Kind of Evil

I got to be a superhero.

Literally, the coolest shoot ever.

Ever ever.

I flew today.

The reason I wanted to be an actor was to be able to fly.

I got to fly.

THANK you Chris and Nick Reidell, Stan Lee, and Marvel

for making this possible….I am forever grateful.

Living With Models Season 3 Kickstarter

Living with Models SEASON 3!!!!!


I could not be more excited for this!!

Shot a kickstarter video with these familiar faces

Check it out and PLEASE DONATE!!!!


Did one of the cooler photoshoots I’ve done in awhile for NuSkin this week

They built these kaleidoscope sets that created way too many angles of my face.

I think I’m so funny.

Then a bunch of people threw tiny stars at me so it could look like I was

blowing them into the air….movie magic…

Excited to see the finished product!

LA Film Festival

Super excited to announce that Crush the Skull will be screening

at the Los Angeles Film Festival June 10-18th

Come Join us for laughs, and frights…¬†and frightful laughs,

either way, it will be a fun ride :)

Wrapped up my part of post with some ADR this week

Screaming barefoot in an ADR booth at Paramount.

Gotta be one of the most fun ways to spend an evening.