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Crush the Skull Reviews

The reviews are in….and they are AWESOME.

“Winner of the inaugural “Nightfall Award” at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival

Viet Nguyen’s feature directorial debut “Crush The Skull,” is a hilarious,

thrilling hybrid of a heist film and a gory, old-school slasher flick.

The screenplay, written by Nguyen and one of the film’s stars Christopher Dinh,

skillfully balances comedic moments with frightening, unexpected twists and turns.

Nguyen’s direction also adeptly brings many of  funny and fear-inducing scenes to life,

an effect no doubt bolstered by the excellent performances of a stellar cast that includes

Dinh, Tim Chiou, Katie Savoy, Chris Riedell, Lauren Reeder,

Walter Michael Bost, Leonard Wu, Jerry Ying and Lincoln Hoppe”


“Following Ollie and Blair (played PERFECTLY by Dinh and Katie Savoy)…

A wildly original and completely hilarious film, on par with TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL

and SHAUN OF THE DEAD. The laughs hit you nonstop, and CRUSH THE SKULL

is easily one of the wittiest films of its kind.”


“Both Dinh and Savoy turn in strong work in Crush the Skull, providing the story

with a lot of heart and they exhibit great chemistry together, making it impossible

to not want to root for them during their nightmarish ordeal”

LA Film Festival

Crush the Skull premiered this week at the LA Film Festival!

Then, due to demand, it screened again.

THEN, due to WINNING the Nightfall Award, it screened again.


I love this cast and crew more than any other of ever.

Such special people, such a special night.

Very grateful to do what I love with people I love.

Feels.  All the feels.


Frank and Cindy

Since I’ll be at the LA Film Festival this week, I wanted to promote

my friend GJ Echternkamp’s film Frank and Cindy,

also premiering at the festival and starring Rene Russo

and Oliver Platt.

He’s the creative mind behind my first feature film, Virtually Heroes,

which was an Official Selection for Sundance 2013.

In honor of that silly, silly film, here’s a shot of my boobs getting

kidnapped by pirate/savage types.

Thanks for making that findable on the internet, GJ. :/


The Restoration film festival

If you’re in NY for the Long Island Film Expo check out our

beautiful short film, The Restoration

Other festivals this year include

2015 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival –Official Selection
2015 Festival de Cannes –Short Film Corner
2015 Rochester International Short Film Festival –Merit for Cinematography
2015 Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival –Official Selection